8 Tips For New Bloggers (Or “Infinite Wisdom For The Weary Newbie”!)

1) Audience is everything. You must know your audience and write for them and nurture them. But there is a certain target audience you may have lost sight of. For inexplicable reasons, they will like everything you write and share it and favorite it. Remember to engage with them at least once a week. This weird demographic includes spouses, kids, grandparents, parents, etc and is collectively referred to as “your family”

2) Page stats – super important! You must keep track of it. Because who knows how many more hits you got in the two minutes since you last checked! Probably hundreds or even thousands (hey, it’s been known to happen!)

3) Write Write Write. Experts say writing several hundred words a day improves the quality of your writing and more posts mean more readers. What’s that you say – day job? Oh please, this is the job you are going to quit the moment you become a famous published author. Don’t even worry about it!

4) Read Read Read. Reading the works of other writers can improve the quality of your writing as well. It can also reveal important details about what type of writing each blog wants to see. Yes you do have your own style and all. I applaud you for trying to stay true to it. Now go ahead and give them what they want. When you are famous and have your own million followers, you can dictate the rules and be the queen of your very own writing style.

5) Submit everywhere. Original posts, syndicated posts, any post. Just submit it for god’s sake! Because every famous blog out there has been waiting just for you and your particular brand of high-quality writing. Go ahead and hit that submit button as many times as you want!

6) Focus Shmocus. Just get those creative juices flowing and don’t listen to the people who go on and on about how your blog should have a single focus. You never know what people are going to like out there. And who is to say you cannot have as many verticals as you want? If you have a parenting blog and you write about the mating habits of the Bonobos (because it influences their parenting skills, I am sure) I’d say you are pretty focused

7) Syndication is your way to Promised Land. It’s a respectable way of saying “I put it on my blog, no one is reading it. Can you please look past the typos and split infinitives and share it with your million followers? I just want everyone to ‘like’ me so much! “

8) Social Media can take you places, as you are already aware by now. Turn yourself into a blog savvy social media lioness (or lion!) and get a Facebook page, twitter handle, Tumblr blog, Pinterest account, Instagram account. You should even start “stumbling” and adding your posts to the “Medium”. That is how modern you need to be! Remember, there is no such thing as “too much” social media presence.

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