About MacAndChutney

My husband and I moved here from India in the mid-90s. We didn’t know each other then, and by the time we met 10 years later, we had each seen our share of adventure, happiness, sorrow and all the other highs and lows that come with building a life on a different continent.

We have since planted firm roots in suburbia. We truly feel that we belong here and we thrive in all the opportunities this country has provided us. We naturalized ourselves into Americans without a second thought. This is, after all, our home. We understand its nuances, flaws and beauty like no other place we have ever lived in.

Then again, India is always inextricably woven into our lives and we find traces of it everywhere. From the food we cook, to the clothes we wear, to the festivals we celebrate, and the stories we tell our daughter. India is a country we have learned to love and disagree with for many reasons, and we have made peace with our conflicts. Our current mission is to help our daughter navigate the blended (and often muddled!) waters of two vastly different worlds. So far, it has been an extraordinary adventure, filled with many missteps, questions and adventures.

My experience may be unique but I am not – there are thousands of transplanted individuals who can relate to my life. I hope to share my stories with them and hear theirs in return.

This blog is for everyone who has migrated in more ways than one – we have changed in so many ways big and small and our relocation goes beyond the geographical. This is for everyone who can find the humor in their own chaos.



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