About Me

“Now I stand on the outside and look in. Wondering where is my place. Coming to a conclusion, I have no place.”
― Laura Hanna

– I spent the first half of my life in India and the second half in the United States. In each country I have lived in many different cities. I can never come up with a concise or accurate response to “where are you from?” I will become completely incoherent if you follow up with “where are you REALLY from?”

– I go by 4 different names; which one you call me is determined by how I know you and for how long I have known you! These days, I call myself Shri.

– I have a four-year old who has acquired all my quirks (unfortunately for my husband). We named her after a Hindu goddess known for her bravery and strength in leading an army while also being an excellent mom to two boys.

– My husband and I come from different parts of India, we each speak a language that the other barely understands. Therefore we speak English at home, he speaks Malayalam with his parents, I speak Tamil with my parents, and if we watch an Indian movie it is usually in Hindi.

– My Parents live in Chennai, a city I visit but have never lived in. They moved there after my father’s retirement because they think of it as their home, their “native city”.  It is approximately 8000 miles from where I am now.

– I am a vegetarian; my husband eats almost everything that once lived; and we are making every attempt to raise our daughter as a vegetarian. We are very curious to see how this plays out as she gets older!

– Three things I love the most – food, movies and writing. My professional-life fantasy is to write a screenplay about being a food critic (while actually being a food critic). In real life I work full time as an IT professional.

– In short, there is a glorious amount of chaos in my life and it affects everything from the food I cook, to my political views, to the way I parent.




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