‘How To Blend Spices’ And Other Life Lessons From My Mother


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I stand in our shiny new kitchen in our little corner of suburbia, and chop the red peppers with a less-than-satisfying Ikea knife. It’s Sunday – cooking day. My daughter, who is almost 5, sits on the bar stool across from me and is concentrating hard on the “problems” at hand. Her father has given her some Continue reading

9 Questions vegetarian moms never get tired of answering – over and over again

I was born vegetarian; I have chosen to stay that way. Over the years I have answered many curious passersby on the hows and whys of it. But now that my daughter is getting the same questions (as in – I am getting sufficiently judged on my efforts to feed her a “decent” meal) I think it’s fair to say I am quite done. No More Q&A necessary. I am compiling an ultimate, final and conclusive list of 9 questions you never need to ask a vegetarian mom again. As much as I love answering these questions over and over again, I do think a definitive list of answers is in order. Continue reading