Courage, Fear, Safety And Things In-between

As a little girl I was obsessed with climbing trees. It was an odd thing to look forward to every morning. But that is what loved. There were plenty to choose from in my neighborhood, and once I had mastered one tree I moved on to the next, more challenging one. My favorite one was a guava tree. The best fruits hung from the top most branches and I did everything I could to get every last one of them before the other kids did. Continue reading

‘Such A Girl’ And Other Outdated Phrases

girl trees

1) ‘Such a Girl’

My daughter is almost 5, she is the COO of our house, and she loves pink. I am not going to allow anyone to shame her for that. She lives her life without apology or explanation. She loves the princess clothes but thinks Barbie is too boring. She holds these and other views Continue reading

4 Promises, 35 years in the making

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A snapshot of my childhood circa 1980, in a small town in India….I am almost 7, maybe in 1st grade. We live in a two bedroom home with a small backyard. There are several streets in this neighborhood. Continue reading

4 Ways in Which the Vogue Empowerment Video Went Terribly Wrong

Something that was supposed to be a good thing turned out to be divisive beyond Homi Adajania’s wildest imagination. He was a popular director in India before, but now everyone actually knows how to spell his name correctly. He directed a vogue-sponsored video (above) about empowering women and the internet went up in flames.

For the uninitiated, Continue reading

In a room full of tigers and dolphins, a round of applause for the human mom (and dad!)

Back Camera

In the beginning of time there were a bunch of parents walking around with a warm and fuzzy notion that they were doing everything right by their kids. Until Continue reading

About a little brown girl who wants to be a blonde

Our most important goal in raising our 5-year-old is neutrality. Gender, race, nationality – none of those labels should matter to her. They are just little pieces that Continue reading